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monitor mounting bracket
monitor mounting bracket
mounting bracket for monitor
mounting bracket for monitor
monitor mounting bracket

backup camera monitor mounting bracket

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5 sets
Supply Ability
1000sets / Month
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Guangzhou of China
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Monitor mounting bracket can be easily and quickly clamped on the supporting object, used with the magic arm, and can easily install the LCD screen, camera lights and other photography equipment. The mounting bracket can be adjusted to 360 degrees, and the vehicle display product can be installed in the appropriate position according to the actual needs of the installation. The large crab clamp length is up to 50mm, and the special process is die-cast, which is durable.

LCD monitor mounting bracket crab clamp, special process die-cast, durable.

monitor mounting bracket

rearview monitor mounting bracket

vehicle monitor mounting bracket

The LCD monitor mounting bracket can be used together with the universal support, and the angle can be adjusted

arbitrarily according to the actual situation.

monitor mounting bracket for vehicile

mounting bracket for rearview monitor

Mounting bracket backup monitor is widely used, and can be used as an accessory to install camera lights, vehicle

rear view monitors, etc.

mounting bracket for forklift monitor

Lcd monitor mounting bracket is suitable for the installation of the rear view monitor and is made of all-metal material

with a minimum clamping diameter of 1cm and a maximum opening of 5cm.

mounting bracket for vehicile monitor